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We welcome you to Violet Gallery. In 2012 we made some changes to our business model - we began shipping African Violet LEAVES ONLY instead of plants and leaves. And we are continuing shipping leaves only in 2014. You may buy plants from us at one of the shows.

The calendar says 'spring', but winter isn't giving up its grip on S. Central PA easily this year. March came in like a lion and it went out like an angry, hungry lion! We usually begin shipping towards the end of April/beginning of May, but who knows this year. It will depend on the temperatures. Any orders we receive now we will hold and ship in the order we receive them. Even though stamps increased in price at the end of January, we are keeping the price of shipping and leaves the same as last year. As stated elsewhere on the site, I will cash any checks now, but hold off charging credit cards until I ship. Please make sure the expiration date is at least June 2014.

We carry many different varieties of African Violets, but if you like the older "vintage" violets or the original "species" violets (that grow in the wild in Tanzania & Kenya), you've come to the right place. We are carrying more and more of the more unique varieties.

Please note, we do carry a number supplies to assist you in growing violets, such as soilless potting mixture, fertilizer, Oyama self-watering pots, etc. Please see our Supplies link on our online Catalog.


~ Happy Growing~

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