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Beginning this year there are new classifications for the genus Saintpaulia (species). The AVSA has adopted a method of identifying the species by name, subspecies and clone. It reminds me of a scientific chart type designation. There are some stand-alone species with only a single plant or clone such as S. goetzeana. Some species such as S. shumensis are available in two types of plants or clones such as S. shumensis clone shumensis and S. shumensis clone Mather EE. The most complicated is S. ionantha (species number 5) that has been divided into 8 subspecies (designated a through h), two varieties and many clones. The correct way to identify a plant is to give the species number and the clone name. Here are the varieties that we carry using the new classification.



3. S. shumensis

shumensis  1955 (B. Burtt) Single pale blue to almost white/variable darker eye, usually four per peduncle, sparse bloom. Bright green, pebbled, glossy, slightly serrated, short petiole, leaf blade twisted in some clones. Single crown, but tends to sucker easily. Miniature to semiminiature. Saintpaulia species

5. S. ionantha             5a. Subspecies grandifolia

grandifolia #237  1958 (B. Burtt) Single blue-violet, one or more per peduncle, floriferous. Light green, elliptical, very thin, long flexible petiole. Usually single crown. Large

S. grandifolia #299 1958 (B. Burtt) Single dark blue-violet, one or more per peduncle, very floriferous. Light to medium green, elliptical, very thin, crinkled, long flexible petiole. Usually single crown. Large.

    5b. Subspecies grotei

confusa 1958 (B. Burtt) Single dark purple, 2-6 per peduncle. Variable floriferousness. Medium green, thin, quilted, leathery, flexible, serrated/near-white back. Often multi-crowned. May develop sideways growth habit. Semiminiature to standard.  confusa Mather Brother Paddydifficilis Mather No.2 1958 (B. Burtt) Single medium to dark blue, 5-7 per peduncle. Chartreuse, longifolia, tends to spoon, thin, deep veining, crinkled, rough, long hairs. Long, bent petiole. Usually single crown, may sucker. grotei 1921 (A. Engler) Single, light-medium blue/variable darker eye, 2-3 per peduncle. Flowers may hide under foliage. Pale-dark green, variable texture, round, serrated on most clones. Usually near-white back, occasionally red. Green or brown flexible petiole, variable internode length. Large trailer. grotei "Mather"#7 grotei 'Protzen' grotei 'Silvert'

magungensis var. minima 1964 (B. Burtt) Single tiny light purple/darker eye, 1-2 per peduncle, rarely blooms. Medium, small, cupped-down, thin, hairy, serrated, red-brown petiole. Miniature trailer.

5c.subspecies ionantha

1. variety ionantha

House of Amani   - Single medium lavender-blue, 3-7 per peduncle, hides under leaves, short-lived. Dark green, pointed, quilted, smooth, prominent veins, serrated/occasional red back, petiole. Usually single crown. Never declared a true species. Standard. Saintpaulia species ionantha 1893 (H. Wendland) Single blue-violet, 4-5 per peduncle, very floriferous. Dark green, pointed, heart-shaped, tends to spoon, thick, quilted, glossy, slightly serrated, long red-brown petiole/red back. Large. Saintpaulia species ionantha 930919ionantha subsp.occidentalis Sigi Falls - Single variable blue-violet, 2-4 per peduncle, medium to difficult to bloom. Dull green, tends to look mottled, longifolia, may spoon, thick, tough, very hairy, varies in size/purple-red back. Multi-crowned. Never declared a true species. Large standard to bushy trailer. tongwensis 1947 (B. Burtt) Single pale blue, may show dark pinwheel marking when grown cool; 4-6 per peduncle, very floriferous. Dark green, pointed, narrow, very thick, hairy, slightly serrated/some red back. May appear variegated with mottled pattern over main veins. Usually upright single crown, rarely suckers. Standard.

tongwensis Uppsala 3397 clone

2. variety diplotricha

diplotricha Parker Single pale lilac/bright yellow stamens; seven per peduncle. Dark green, pointed, thick, serrated. Single crown, may sucker. Small standard. Saintpaulia species

diplotricha Punter #0

5f. subspecies orbicularis

orbicularis 1947 (B. Burtt) Single small light lilac to almost white/darker eye, 5-8 per peduncle, floriferous but drops easily. Bright green, small, round to heart-shaped, thin, glossy. Single or multi-crowned.

orbicularis var. purpurea 1964 (B. Burtt) Single small dark purple, 5-8 per peduncle, very floriferous. Dark green, round to heart-shaped, thin, glossy/light back. Single or multiple crown. Standard. Saintpaulia species

5g. subspecies pendula

intermedia- 1958 (B. Burtt) Single medium blue, 5-7 per peduncle, sparse. Olive green, small, round, tends to spoon, velvety, slightly serrated/purple-red back, prominent green veins. Single crown to trailing. Small standard or trailer. Saintpaulia species S. pendula var. kizarae 3397 -1964 (B. Burtt) Single lavender, 2- 4 per peduncle, floriferous. Light green, round, hairy, serrated. Trailer. Saintpaulia species

S, pendula var "ST Iverson"

5h. subspecies velutina

velutina 1958 (B. Burtt) Single small medium violet/darker eye, some white tips. Five per peduncle, floriferous. Black-green, round to heart-shaped, may cup up or down, thin, hairy, velvety, pronounced veining, serrated/red-purple back.

velutina lite - Semidouble white flowers tinged with blue, foliage is very unusual. Leaves are crinkled and look like a pepperomia leaf. Velvety dark green.

6. S. brevipilosa

brevipilosa 1964 (B. Burtt) Single light purple/darker center; 1-4 per peduncle, very short lived. Light green, small, round, thin, glossy, soft, velvety, tightly bunched/pale back; randomly curved petioles. Usually single crown. Miniature to semiminiature to small standard. Saintpaulia species

7. S. nitida

nitida 1958 (B. Burtt) Single dark blue-purple, 8-10 per peduncle, floriferous. Dark green, round, may spoon, smooth, glossy, slender brown petiole/red back. Open growth. Small or bushy trailer or multi-crowned standard. Saintpaulia species

8. S. rupicola

rupicola 1964 (B. Burtt) Single light-medium blue, three or more per peduncle. Light-medium green, heart-shaped, soft, smooth, glossy, velvety/light back. Leaves sometimes thick. Multi-crowned standard or bushy trailer. Saintpaulia species

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