The number in ( ) or after the # sign represents the AVSA registration number (if available). I left the picture links underlined so you could tell from the printed version which varieties have pictures online.

*ANGEL’S INNOCENCE-(Lyons) Double white stars with frilled edges. Medium pink mottling. Medium green,foliage / lightly variegated

*ANNABELLE (8636) 07/18/1997 (K. Stork) Double pink two-tone star. Black-green/red back. Large

*AUSTEN'S LOVE (7689) 05/23/1992 (L. Munk) Double light blue ruffled large/wide white edge. Dark green, ruffled/red back. Large (DAVS 1359, TX Hyb)

*BEETHOVEN (Volkmann) Semidouble red star/white ruffled edge. Dark green, round. Standard (TX Hyb)

*BERRIES ‘ N SNOW - (Champion) Semidoube pansies of white with pink blush. Medium green variegated plain.

*BLUE SKIES SMILING -(Stork) Double blue blossoms over medium green foliage.

*BREAKING NEWS-(Stork)Single lavender bloom with lighter lavender in the center.  Medium green foliage.

*BUCKEYE BUTTERCREME - - Gorgeous double pale yellow/cream with very prominent yellow stamens on medium green and cream variegated foliage .

*CABBAGE PATCH (E. Champion) Double light pink ruffled. Crown variegated dark green and ivory, plain. Standard

*CATHERINE ROSE (K. Stork) Double pink. Dark green, plain. Large

*^COMMODORE (AVS48) (Armacost & Royston) Single dark purple. Long, quilted, glossy. Large

*EDWARD'S DELIGHT (8083) 05/10/1994 (D. Harrington) Semidouble-double pink pansy/variable white-green frilled edge. Dark green, quilted, pebbled, glossy, wavy/red back. Standard (Leaves Only)

*ESKIMO KISSES (9922) 03/22/2008 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Double light purple star/white fantasy. Dark green, ovate, quilted. Standard

*ETHEL’S WILD SIDE -(Champion) Large, semidouble to double, coral/pink stars, with blue fantasy markings. Crown variegationof yellow and green

*EVENING SHADE (8023) 01/27/1994 (J. Eyerdom/H. Eyerdom) Semidouble lavender two-tone large/dark purple band, white edge. Medium green, pointed, quilted, hairy. Standard (Leaves Only)

*FREDETTE'S RISEN STAR (7097) 03/18/1989 (I. Fredette) Semidouble pink wavy star/raspberry sparkle, more at edge. Variegated, plain. Large

*^ GRANGER'S BLUE SPARKLER (3401) 05/01/1978 (Eyerdom) Double dark blue/white frilled edge. Quilted, ruffled. Large

*HARMONY’S RED FRILLS -Semidouble pansy blossoms of fuschia red over medium green girl foliage.

*ICE FANTASY (7069) 02/06/1989 (K. Stork) Double white wavy star/light blue fantasy. Dark green, quilted. Large

*INTERNATIONAL (B. Johnson) Single-semidouble light pink pansy/wide raspberry edge. Dark green, plain, glossy. Standard

*JAM-PACKED ( K. Stork) Single-semidouble red-purple frilled pansy. Dark green, pointed. Small standard

*LADY LOVE (M. Burns) Semidouble light pink frilled/plum sparkle edge. Variegated dark green, rose, plum and white, heart-shaped. Large

*^LAVENDER LACE (5822) 09/28/1984 (Eyerdom) Double white/pink-lavender eye, green frilled edge. Olive green, glossy, ruffled/red back. Standard

*LUNAR ECLIPSE-(Lyons) Dark purple, semidouble & double pansies, a vibrant raspberry edge. medium green foliage, quilted, with light ivory variegation

*LYON'S PLUM PUDDING (8250) 07/28/1995 (S. Sorano) Semidouble dark red-plum two-tone frilled star. Medium green, plain, pointed, serrated.

*MAMMA’S BACKHOE -( Lyons) White pansy blossoms with yellow and blue. Medium green foliage.

*MAVERICK'S FADED JEANS (W. Smith) Semidouble light blue pansy/darker top petals, green frilled edge. Medium green, pointed, serrated.

*MIRROR IMAGE -(Lyons) Light blue double blossoms with a wide green edge. Foliage is medium green and serrated.

*NESS' BLUE WAVE (D. Ness) Single light blue sticktite pansy/lighter top petals. Dark green, serrated/red back. Small standard

*OUTER LIMITS (9540) 12/17/2005 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/D. Herringshaw) Single-semidouble blue large frilled pansy/pink and white fantasy. Dark green.

*PATTY CAKE (K. Stork) Single-semidouble rose-pink pansy. Medium green.

*PEACH BRANDY (L. Lyon) Semidouble peach-pink large star. Medium green.

*PEACH FLOAT (D. Wilson) Double peach two-tone. Variegated green and pink, plain. Standard (DAVS 1194, TX Hyb)

*PERRAULT CELESTE (C. Perreault) Single blue/variable green edge. Variegated green and white. Standard (Leaves only)

*PERRAULT COLETTE (9739) 03/28/2007 (C. Perreault) Single lavender two-tone sticktite star. Variegated medium green, cream and pink. Standard (Leaves only)

*PERRAULT PROVOCANTE (C. Perreault) Single lavender/darker rays. Variegated dark green, cream and pink. Standard (Leaves only)

*^PINK CUSHION (866) 02/20/1957 (C. Ulery) Double dark pink. Ovate, quilted. Standard

*^PINK ELEGANCE (5828) 09/28/1984 (Eyerdom) Semidouble medium pink/white edge. Medium green, plain, glossy. Standard

*^PRIDE OF ENTERPRISE(6239) 05/09/1986 (AVS of Wiregrass/I. Fredette) Double pink frilled/darker eye, violet fantasy. Variegated, quilted, wavy/red back. Standard (DAVS 806)

*REBEL'S ROSE BUD edge. Variegated dark green and cream, pointed, quilted/red back. Standard

*REBEL'S SNOWY BRIGHT (8013) 12/07/1993 (R. Bann) Semidouble white large ruffled pansy. Medium green, plain, quilted, glossy, wavy.

*ROCKIN’ ROBIN-(Lyons) Single, dark coral pansy, with a lightly fluted white edge. Medium green foliage.

*RUMBA RED -(Lyons)Gorgeous! Large, single and semidouble, burgundy red pansies, with slightly frilled white edges. The large growing, standard foliage, is dark green with a red reverse.

*SASSY SADIE -( Lyons) Very light, maroon/red, semidouble pansies, display a darker veining of the same color throughout the face of the blossom.Edged with raspberry fringe. Medium green foliage.

*SUGAR COOKIE (K. Stork) Double white/red eye, thin red edge. Light-medium green. Small standard

*VOLKMANN'S HANDEL (Volkmann) Semidouble medium red/white ruffled edge. Dark green, plain. Standard (TX Hyb)


*CELINA ELEGANCE (10014) 12/06/2008 (H. Pittman) Semidouble-double bright red pansy. Crown variegated medium green and gold. Semiminiature

*CELINA RED JEWEL ( 10015) 12/06/2008 (H. Pittman) Semidouble-double red pansy. Crown variegated medium green and yellow. Semiminiature

*DEAN'S BUNNY BLUE (8016) 01/03/1994 (C. Hobbs/H. Hobbs) Double light blue pansy. Mosaic variegated green, white and pink, heart-shaped. Semiminiature (TX Hyb)

*DEAN'S PLUM PEACOCK (7680) 03/03/1992 (C. Hobbs/H. Hobbs) Single wine frilled pansy/dark wine tips. Mosaic variegated dark green

*FIREWORKS THRILL -( Lyons) Dark, mauve/red, single & semidouble stars. Each flower petal is speckled and streaked with pink fantasy. foliage is dark green, red reverse, and quilted. Semiminiature

*IMP'S AMETHYST SHARDS (9983) 06/19/2008 (J. Jackson) Single rose-pink frilled pansy/variable raspberry fantasy; raspberry sparkle edge. Dark green, quilted, pebbled, wavy, serrated/red back. Miniature

*IMP'S ANGEL WINGS (9984) 06/19/2008 (J. Jackson) Semidouble-double pink pansy. Crown variegated dark green, gold and tan. Miniature

*IMP”S FAIRY BERRY- (J. Jackson ) Single to Semidouble lavender bell, purple veins, darker eye .  Dark green, pointed, wavy, red back. Miniature

*IMP'S FORTUITOUS FANCY (9985) 06/19/2008 (J. Jackson) Single pink frilled bell/blue fantasy. Medium-dark green, wavy, scalloped/red back. Miniature

*IMP’S MAGIC SWIRLS -(J. Jackson) Single light purple pansy, dark purple fantasy streaks with puffs of pink and white. Medium green serrated foliage. Semi miniature

*IMPS SPIRIT WARDER -( Jackson) Single mauve pansy, dot and streak purple fantasy with pink and coral puffs. Medium green serrated semiminiature.

*IRISH IMP -(S. Sorano) Single white, green edge. Dark girl foliage. Miniature

*IRISH LUCK -(Lyons) Semidouble pansies of white, with blue edges on the bottom 3 petals, and the top 2 petals are capped with lots of green! The flower edges are nicely ruffled. Medium green foliage. Semiminiature.

*JOLLY BLUE CLOUDS (10017) 12/06/2008 (H. Pittman) Single-semidouble white pansy/blue markings. Light green, plain. Miniature (TX Hyb)

*JOLLY DISCO (9714) 01/15/2007 (H. Pittman) Double pink pansy/white edge. Dark green, plain, glossy. Miniature (TX Hyb)

*JOLLY EYES (9906) 03/07/2008 (H. Pittman) Semidouble pink/fuchsia eye. Medium green, plain, pointed. Semiminiature

*JOLLY FAIRY (H. Pittman) Double pink/green edge. Dark green, pointed. Semiminiature (TX Hyb)

*JOLLY GOLD (H. Pittman) Double yellow and white. Light green, plain. Semiminiature (TX Hyb)

*JOLLY JESSE -(Pittman)

*JOLLY LUCK (9909) 03/07/2008 (H. Pittman) Single-semidouble red pansy. Dark green, holly. Semiminiature

*JOLLY MAIDEN (10011) 11/22/2008 (H. Pittman) Single-semidouble white star/pink markings. Medium green, plain, pointed. Semiminiature

*JOLLY MOONFLOWER (H. Pittman) Double white/yellow markings. Dark green, plain. Semiminiature (TX Hyb)

*JOLLY RED (H. Pittman) Single-semidouble red. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature (TX Hyb)

*JOLLY WINE-O (H. Pittman) Double purple. Plain. Semiminiature (TX Hyb)

*LITTLE MERMAID (7213) 10/21/1989 (S. Sorano) Double white star/dark blue tint. Variegated medium green and white, pointed, serrated. Semiminiature

*MAC’S KITTEN KABOODLE (G. McDonald)Coral thumbprint single blossoms over medium green foliage. Semi

*MAC’S PIZZA PIZZICATO (9880) 01/31/2008 (G. McDonald) Double coral blue pansy. Medium green, scalloped girl foliage. Miniature

*ROB'S PENGUIN SUIT (9805) 09/14/2007 (R. Robinson) Semidouble dark blue star/white edge. Crown variegated dark green, yellow and beige, pointed, glossy/red back. Semiminiature

*ROB'S PLAID SKIRT (9806) 09/14/2007 (R. Robinson) Semidouble pink star/blue fantasy, white edge. Crown variegated dark green, yellow and beige, pointed, glossy/red back. Semiminiature

*SHIRL'S HAWAIIAN LEI (9372) 09/30/2004 (S. Sanders) Single purple pansy/white eye. Variegated medium green and white, heart-shaped. Miniature

*SHIRL'S SNOW CONE (9488) 10/14/2005 (S. Sanders) Semidouble-double white pansy/pink blush. Variegated medium green and white, heart-shaped, glossy. Semiminiature (TX Hyb)

*SYLPH'S FLUSTERED FOLLY (9988) 06/19/2008 (J. Jackson) Single-semidouble white frilled pansy/pink overlay and shadings. Variegated light green and white, heart-shaped. Semiminiature

*WINDSOME (H. Pittman) Semidouble medium blue/white edge. Dark green, plain. Miniature (DAVS 1508, TX Hyb)


*AZALI (9329) 04/09/2004 (F. Pilon) Single-semidouble white pansy/pink blush. Variegated medium green, cream and pink, serrated/red back. Standard trailer

* CALIFORNIA LIGHTNING (8207) 06/14/1995 (J. Stokes) Single lavender star. Medium green, plain. Miniature trailer

*FOSTER TRAIL (8760) 10/28/1998 (H. Pittman) Semidouble fuchsia. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature trailer (DAVS 1529, TX Hyb)

*KESHA (9830) 01/09/2008 (F. Pilon) Single dark pink pansy/amethyst blush on upper petals. Variegated dark green, white and pink, quilted. Standard

*ROB'S VANILLA TRAIL (9296) 11/21/2003 (R. Robinson) Double cream to blush white pansy. Dark green, quilted, serrated, pointed. Semiminiature trailer

*SEMA ( 9331) 04/09/2004 (F. Pilon) Single amethyst sticktite star/white edge. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, heart-shaped, pointed, serrated/red back. Standard trailer

*SUSHI (9832) 01/09/2008 (F. Pilon) Single lavender sticktite pansy. Medium-dark green, serrated. Standard trailer

*TI-MINE (8750) 08/10/1998 (F. Pilon) Single pink star. Variegated black-green, white and pink, glossy, serrated. Standard trailer

*TI-SHOU (9834) 01/09/2008 (F. Pilon) Double dark lavender pansy/variable thin white edge. Medium green, quilted, serrated. Semiminiature trailer



*IMP’S BETA BLOCKER -(J. Jackson) Single light pink wasp, blue overlay on petal tips, raspberry fantasy on petal tips, blue rays down centre of each petal.  Dark green, scalloped, spooned, bustleback/red back.  Semiminiature

*IMP’S BLUE ARSENIC -(J. Jackson) Single blue wasp, Dark green pointed, serrated pebbled, red back. Miniature.

*IMP’S CORRODED EDGE -(J. Jackson) Single pink wasp, green edge. Dark gree, rolled leaf, serrated wavy, red back. Semiminiature.

*IMP’S INKY SQUIDS -(J. Jackson)Single deep blue ruffled recurved wasp. Medium green, spooned ruffled. Semiminiature.

*IMP’S PRETTY DEADLY -(J. Jackson) Single to semidouble light pink wasp with green edge.  Dark green scalloped heavily bustled, red back Miniature

*SENK'S BALLOONS (9847) 01/30/2008 (R. Follett/D. Senk) Single light pink recurved wasp. Variegated dark green, white and pink, pointed, longifolia, glossy, hairy. Semiminiature

*SENK'S SNOWY EGRET (9868) 01/30/2008 (R. Follett/D. Senk) Single white ruffled pansy/variable orchid veins and blush. Variegated medium green and white, longifolia. Standard trailer


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